September 22, 2020


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Chukwudi Ezenwa -Have Makes Case For The Less Hand People (Needy)

Chukwudi Ezenwa -Have Makes Case For The Less Hand People (Needy)

Chukwudi Ezenwa -Have Makes Case For The Less Hand People (Needy)

An entrepreneur, Chukwudi Ezenwa, has charged well- meaning Nigerians to support the less privileged who have been adversely affected by coronavirus pandemic.

He said the pandemic has crippled small scale businesses and low income-earners.

Ezenwa, an Anambra-based businessman, had donated generously to the Anambra State Government to mitigate sufferings of those badly affected by the pandemic.

Aside from giving the state N2million, he donated food items and palliatives to his local government and other areas in Anambra.

These acts, he said were because: “Some people have been left stranded and starving due to the implementation of lockdown in some part of the country.

“Some companies are facing depreciation of value and stocks, as well as the cutting down of staff on payroll.”

On his philanthropic gestures, he said: “I have been able to do a lot to better the lives of people around me and beyond.

“During this period, I’ve made a lot of anonymous donations because I have always led a private life. We’ve equally sent out palliatives to a lot of persons to cushion the effect of this pandemic.”

Ezenwa, a multiple business entrepreneur, explained he managed to stay afloat because of his involvement in so many other businesses.

On how his ventures thrived during the ongoing recession, the business tycoon said his real estate business has stayed strong during this pandemic.

“Before the pandemic, I had always seen real estate development as bedrock for national stability, economic recovery, and expansion.

“For good’s importation, most importers have been unable to send money across for goods from many foreign countries across the globe due to the closure of businesses in those countries, which has lasted for over four months in some cases thus this would be a perfect time to explore real estate investments, ” Ezenwa said.

Chukwudi Ezenwa -Have Makes Case For The Less Hand People (Needy)

He charged would- be investors to consider real estate as against keeping those funds in the banks.

He, however, emphasised real estate business doesn’t apply to people who have low income or can barely feed while urging everyone to ensure they make only strategic investments as this is a time for an average Nigerian to be very economical and conservative about spending.

Ezenwa, the real estate financier, filmmaker and CEO of GSS group, a security firm which supplies security personnel for celebrities, politicians and events, urged Nigerians to make the most of the little that is given to them as the Pandemic is affecting everyone.

Chukwudi Ezenwa -Have Makes Case For The Less Hand People (Needy)