September 20, 2020


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Ghana - To Faults Nigeria’s For Borders Closures 'Buhari Order'

Ghana – To Faults Nigeria’s For Borders Closures ‘Buhari Order’

Ghana - To Faults Nigeria’s For Borders Closures 'Buhari Order'

The boiling diplomatic row between Nigeria and Ghana African country over the unwell treatment to Nigerian traders within the near country isn’t getting ready to abate.

The Ghanaians have faulted the claims by the federal on matters further as different problems with interest raised last week.

Apart from demand that Nigerians aren’t being singled out for ill-usage, the African country government faulted Nigeria’s border closure and also the govt Order signed by President Muhammadu Buhari preventing foreigners from obtaining jobs that Nigerians will do.

In a statement on Sunday, Ghana’s Minister of data Endkojo Oppong Nkrumah, choosing holes within the problems made public by the federal in an exceedingly statement on Fri.

Nkruma, noted that the problems raised by his Nigerian counterpart, Alhaji Lai Muhammad, failed to actually mirror the developments in African country.
According to him, it’s on record that Nigeria has taken variety of steps in recent months, in pursuit of its national interests, that have gravely affected different countries within the West African region.

He said: “These embrace the closure of Nigeria’s Seme-Krake border from August 2019 thus far and also the issuing of govt orders by Nigeria’s Presidency, preventing foreigners from obtaining jobs, that Nigerians will do, to say however many.

“Ghana and different West African countries still believe redress to even actions like these are often wanted, with diplomacy, while not resort to media statements and connected activities that have the potential to irritate any matters.”

Nkrumah same President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo are meeting with President Muhammadu Buhari to resolve no matter issue moving each countries.

In a point-by-point response to every of the allegations, raised by Muhammad.
“Ghana remains committed to the upkeep of heat relations with all sister nations, significantly, for well-known historical reasons, with the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and can proceed to have interaction the federal of Nigeria with a read to resolution comprehensively and thoroughly any matters that have the potential to bitter relations between the 2 countries.


“Ghana finds it imperative, however, from the start, to state, for the general public record, that the define of problems by my Nigerian counterpart isn’t reflective of the developments in African country. Any protests, selections or actions supported these reports can, thus, be undue.”
Nkrumah declared he was obligated, “therefore, as a primary step, to supply our counterparts, further because the African nation and Nigerian publics, with a additional reflective account of events, as we tend to pursue substantive diplomatic engagements to resolve matters”.

On the seizure of the Nigerian Mission’s property placed at No. 10, Barnes Road, Accra, that Muhammad same had been used as diplomatic premises by the Nigerian Government for nearly fifty years, he said: “This statement is inaccurate. The dealings was an ad arrangement between Thomas D. Hardy, a personal national and also the High Commission of Nigeria in African country on twenty third Oct 1959.

“The terms of the industrial lease expired forty six years past, with none proof of renewal by the High Commission of Nigeria in African country. the govt. of African country wasn’t concerned within the dealings and has not confiscated the property in question.”

He noted that African country “does not, failed to and ne’er closely-held the land, and has not been concerned within the seizure of any property of the Nigerian High Commission in African country.

“The land in question is closely-held by the Osu Stool and managed by the Lands Commission”, the African nation info minister same.

In response to the claim that the lease on a number of the properties closely-held by the African country Mission in Nigeria has long expired , he said: “It should be noted that the African country Government noninheritable a freehold land at Pope John Paul II Street in capital of Nigeria in 1989 through an ad arrangement, and designed this structures on that. The employees of the African country High Commission in capital of Nigeria are living there since the development of this structures.”

On demolition of the Nigerian Mission’s property placed at No. 19/21 Julius Nyerere Street, East Ridge, Accra, that allegedly constitutes another serious breach of the national capital Convent “The High Commission did not acquire the Lease and Land Title Certificate, that represent documentation for the same property further as a license for construction. In Ghana, land is closely-held not solely by the govt., however conjointly by stools and families.

“The demolition of the property wasn’t administered by agents of the African nation Government, however by agents of the Osu Stool. notwithstanding, the govt. of African country, valuing the relations between our 2 countries, has determined to revive the property, at its own value, to its original state for the Nigerian High Commission, and has punctually communicated same to the Nigerian Authorities.”

On the allegation of aggressive and deportation of Nigerians from African country between Gregorian calendar month 2018 and February last year, the minister conjointly denied it, saying: “This statement isn’t factual. In 2019, 700 Nigerians, WHO were found to possess been concerned in criminal activities like fraud, whoredom, stickup etc., were deported.”

On residency allow demand, he said: “It should be noted that every one foreigners WHO apply for resident allow in African country, pay same fees as declared on top of. These fees aren’t specific to Nigerians.”

Responding to the allegation of media war, he said: “The statement isn’t factual. there’s no media war against Nigerians in African country. there’s conjointly no negative news on Nigerian residents in African country by African nation media, that might probably cause afraid angle towards Nigerians, significantly Nigerian traders in African country.

“No Nigerian monger has been in remission. The closure of outlets was as a results of infractions on African nation laws. Even then, those affected WHO aren’t solely Nigerians, are given ample time to regularise their documents. moreover, no Nigerian- closely-held outlets ar presently closed.”

Ghana - To Faults Nigeria’s For Borders Closures 'Buhari Order'

The African nation minister further that his country “has perpetually incontestible her commitment to wonderful relations with Nigeria, that is proven by the way within which African nation establishment restricted recent problems, that have had severe economic impact on our country

Ghana - To Faults Nigeria’s For Borders Closures 'Buhari Order'