September 25, 2020


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Love Is Sacrifice

Love Is Sacrifice (Poem)

Love Is Sacrifice  (Poem)
Love Is Sacrifice

Love love love

Every one want to fall in love or be loved,

But are not ready to pay the price.

Before you embark on the journey of love,

So you won’t come back feeling lost and hurt.

know that love is not material,

Lasting  and real love is sacrifice and trust.

Having to choose the same person against all odds,

Forget about material things if you are in search of reality.

Love is not all that rosy;it has it low times too,

Love properly;you can always learn.

With your heart like you will never do it again,

Ask name again and again and again I will tell you that;love is not material!

Love is sacrifice and trust,

Leaving you with this to digest.


Love Is Sacrifice  (Poem)