The Music I Possess Episode 1

The Music I Possess Episode 1 is  story which is indirctly talking about a woman, the term music represents a woman.

Angel couldn’t be happier, her dream of studying her dream course in her dream university has finally come to
reality. she just gained admission into one of the reputable university in the country, to study Economics. she had already completed the registration process and had also done all necessary arrangement. she can’t wait to attend her first lecture.

She was very anxious.She sat on her bed,thinking of how life on campus would be like. shewould be spending the next 4 years of her life on campus.

It was already 10:30pm, but she still didn’t feel like sleeping. she was really anxious. she would move to her hostel in school the next day. she sighed and lay on her bed. her gaze were fixed on the ceiling. ” I will be having my first lecture in school tomorrow” she mumbled to herself. “and I still have to move my luggage to my hostel also. and I will also be meeting my roommate. I just pray she will be nice to be with, because I can’t afford to spend the next 4 years of my life with someone that will always get on my nerves.” She rolled from one side of her bed to the other, trying to get some sleep.

Jewel sat on a chair in his room. so many thoughts were running through his mind. he had just gained admission into one of the prestigious university in the country, to study his dream course, Economics. Lectures would resume fully the next day, but that seemed not to be his problem at the moment.

He didn’t even plan to attend lectures for the whole of that week. His main concern was to be with the love of his life, Jane, whose matriculation ceremony was also the next day.

Jewel and Jane gained admission same year, but in different schools. while Jewel gained admission into a reputable federal university in the south west, Jane gained admission in a private university in the south east.

They had both applied for admission in the same university, but Jane couldn’t beat the cut-off mark, so had to apply for her second choice, which is a private university. Jewel stared blankly into air.

His face was slightly curved in a smile. “finally Jane, I can now see your face once more. I have missed you so much. how I wished we gained admission in the same university. things would have been better. I wouldn’t be so lonely. but all the same, it’s for our good. we will only be apart for just 4 years. After four years, we will be together again. I
will wait for you. I love you so much Jane. I think I should start preparing my things, because I can’t wait to
see you.” He stood up and walked out of his room.

Angel alighted from a cab in front of the university gate. an average age man also alighted and rushed to the boot to get Angel’s luggages down. she settled the cab man and he drove off. she brought out her phone and stared at the screen with smiles on her face. the phone was giving to her by her uncle before she left home this morning. she couldn’t control her joy when her uncle presented the phone to her.

it will surely make her stay on campus wonderful. she stared at the school gate before her, still with smile on her face. “I’m surely going to have a wonderful time here on campus” she said to herself. she carried her bags and walked into the school.

jewel parked the remaining clothes on his bed into the bag beside him. every other things had been arranged
already. he will be leaving home any moment from now. He had already made his parent believe that he was
moving to campus, and they had already given him their blessing, not knowing that he was actually going
to see his girlfriend in a university in the far east. the only thought in his mind was to be with his girlfriend in
an important moment of her life. he didn’t even informed her that he was coming. he wanted to surprise her.
he face curved in a smile just imagining how happy Jane would be
to see him.

“Jane I know you will be surprised to
see me. I know you will never believe
that I can abandon my study just to
be with you. that’s to show you how
much I love you. I know you will be
very happy to see me. just wait for
me. I Will be with you soon” he said
and hastened the arranging of the
clothes in his bag.

Angel rushed to the faculty building
for her first lecture. she had finally
arrange her luggages in her hostel.
she didn’t meet anyone in the room
when she entered her room. maybe
her roommate would have gone for
lectures. she left her room
immediately she was done arranging
her things. this was her first lecture
and she wouldn’t want to be late for
it. she got to the faculty building
exactly 10:55am. she didn’t know
her way around and had to asked for
help in locating the place for her

she saw a guy walking towards her
and dicided to ask for direction.
“sorry excuse me” she said,
immediately the guy got to her
the guy stopped and turned to face
“how can I locate hall 3A” she asked
There was obviously no response
from the guy. he just stared intensely
at Angel, probably wondering why
someone will be this beautiful. Angel
is obviously a beauty to behold. she
is tall, had the shape of a model,
possesses of a great/enchanting/
full-lipped smile, bright eyes, medium
sized nose, good jaw line and an
angelic voice that can melt the anger
in a man’s heart.

“sorry, I said how can I locate hall
3A” she asked again, not sure if he
heard her the first time.
“oh! hall 3A” he said.
“it is over there” he responded,
pointing at a particular building.
“thanks” Angel said and hasten her
step to the building immediately.
The class was almost filled to the
brim when she got there. she could
see the number of heads that turned
when she walked in. she walked to
the back seat and sat comfortably,
not minding the number of stares
she was getting from most guys in
the class.

The lecturer walked in few minutes
later and went straight to the
business of the day. everyone in
class focused their attention on what
the lecturer was teaching.

Jewel had been busy walking round
the campus, trying to locate the
faculty of social science. The
matriculation ceremony was already
over when he got to the school, and
every students had gone to their
respectives faculty to take pictures
with family and friends.
After walking several minutes, he
finally located the faculty of social
science. the number of students he
saw on matriculation gown when he
walked into the faculty amazed him.
he stood at the entrance of the
faculty, thinking of what next to do.
“how I am going to find Jane in this
large crowd.” he said, feeling

He stood at the entrance, staring at
people walking in and out of the
faculty, without making any move.
His gaze suddenly caught a set of
students taking pictures beside a car
at the far right. He took a closely
look at them and realized Jane was
among them. His joy knew no bound
when he saw Jane. The smile on his
face was visible. He heaved a sigh
of relief and walked slowly towards
her. He stopped and stared at her
from a distance, with his face still
curved in a smile. just imagining how
surprised Jane would be when she
saw him, is making him smile. he
decided to surprise her by calling her
name from a distance. he sighed and
call out her name
“Jane” he called
Jane quickly turned to the direction
the voice came from. She froze
immediately she saw Jewel. her
mouth went wide open but words
could not come out of it. Jewel
walked to meet her still grinning from
ear to ear. He hugged her
immediately he got to her and held
her tightly to himself. he freed her
and stared deeply into her eyes. The
shock on Jane’s face was still

“I know you will be very surprise to
see me. I actually wanted this to be a
surprise, that’s why I didn’t call you
before coming. I wouldn’t miss your
matriculation for anything.” he said,
smiling sheepishly.

there was no response from Jane.
she still had the surprise look on her
Jewel held her hands and stared into
her eyes.
“Happy matriculation dear. I miss you
so much. I’m so happy to be here
with you.” he said.

still no response from Jane.
Jewel notice the look on her face.
“are you okay? what’s wrong?” he
asked feeling concern.
Just when Jewel was about to speak
further, a voice called Jane’s name
from behind. They both turned to see
a guy standing few distance away
from them. He was also on
matriculation gown and his face was
curved in a smile. Jane eyes widen
in shock when she saw him, but she
tried to mask the shock with a smile.
she flashsed a smile to the guy.

The guy quickly walked to meet her and hugged her, not noticing the presence of Jewel. He freed Jane from his hold and looked into her eyes. “happy matriculation dear” he said with smiles. “happy matriculation to you too” Jane
responded also with smiles.

They both stared silently at each other. “so Jane, can we take pictures together” Jewel asked, bringing them
back to reality, because it seemed they had forgotten about him.

They both turned to face Jewel. That
was when the guy realized Jewel was
standing beside them.
“who is he?” the guy asked Jane.
Jane stared at the floor for a while.
she stared from Jewel to the guy,
back to Jewel. the look on her face
showed that she’s going to hurt one
of them, when she introduced them
to each other. she stared at them
once more and sighed.

“Daniel” she called the guy softly.
“this is Jewel, my friend from Lagos.
he came all the way from Lagos to
celebrate this day with me” she
introduced Jewel to the guy.
Even though Jewel didn’t like the fact
that Jane introduced him as her
friend instead of her boyfriend, he
still flashed a smile at the guy.
“Jewel” Jane called softly.
“This is Daniel……” she paused and
stared at Jewel with a remorseful
“Daniel is my boyfriend” she let it

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