The Music I Possess Episode 2

The Music I Possess Episode 2 is still a countinuation of Episode 1 in our previous post.

Jewel froze immediately Jane introduced the guy beside her as her boyfriend. he couldn’t believe his ears. Jane must certainly be joking with him.

He couldn’t even say a word. it was as if he had suddenly lost his voice. He stared silently at them, still in shock. He couldn’t even think properly. Several thoughts were running through his mind at the same time. is jane really serious about this, or she is just joking with him. this must certainly be a joke.

Jane couldn’t have another boyfriend when they didn’t break up. He was very sure Jane love him, just the way he love her. So this must certainly be a joke. Daniel walked to meet him and stretched his hand for a handshake.
“nice to meet you” he said.

Jewel stared silently at him. he didn’t
receive his handshake. he was yet to
recover from the shock. Daniel
withdrew his hand when Jewel didn’t
shake hands with him. he turned to
face Jane.
“is your friend okay?” he asked.
Jane didn’t respond. she just fixed
her gaze on Jewel. Jewel stared
back at her with teary eyes. They
stared silently at each other. After a
while of silence, Jewel turned and
plodded out of the faculty. Jane
didn’t make any attempt to stop him.
She just stared at his retreating
figure until he was out of sight.

Immediately lecture was over, Angel stood up to leave the class.  “hey miss” the lady sitting beside her all through the lecture called. She turned to face the lady.m“you were sitting beside me all through the lecture and you didn’t
say a word to me. now that lecture is over, you also want to leave without even saying hi.

This is our first
lecture and also the first time we are
seeing each other. it’s only proper
for you to at least say hi to someone
you sat with during the lecture. or
don’t you want to get acquainted to
your coursemates?” the lady asked.
Angel sat down back beside the lady
and held her hands.

“please I’m very sorry for not
greeting you. A lot was on my mind
that’s why.” she pleaded.
“it’s okay. I just wanted to know why
you will sat down beside me and
never bothered to say a word to me.
since you have explained yourself
now, I’m good…. So what’s your
name? the lady asked.
“Angel” Angel responded.

“wow! nice name. you really look like
an angel. you are so beautiful.” the
lady said.
“thank you” Angel responded,
“so what’s your own name?”
“Jessica” the lady responded.
“nice name, and you are beautiful
also” Angel said.

“thanks” Jessica responded.
“it’s nice meeting you. you are a very
friendly person. I hope we can be
friends” Angel said.

“sure, we can be friends. you are
also nice” Jessica responded.
“okay friend, I have to leave now. I
still have a lot to do. see you in
class tomorrow” Angel said.
“okay, see you too” Jessica

Angel stood up, waved at her and left
the class.

Jewel left the faculty of social
science and was heading towards the
school gate. He didn’t know where to
go from there. he was really hurt. He
was heart broken. He never expected
Jane could do this to him. The more
he thought of it, the more he got

He was almost walking out of the
school gate when he suddenly heard
his name from behind. He slowly
turned to see Jane standing few
distance away from him. He stared at
her with teary eyes. Jane also stared
back at him without saying anything.
They stared silently at each other.
After a while of deafening silence,
Jane spoke.
“Jewel, I’m very sorry. I hope you will
find someone who will love you
better. please forgive me” she said.
Jewel stared at her with so much
pain. He tried not to blink, to prevent
the tears which had already form in
his eyes from dropping. He stared
silently at Jane. After a while, he
turned and walked out from the
school gate without saying a word to

Angel went to the school cafeteria to
have lunch. she didn’t eat before
coming for lecture, because she was
already late. she went to the counter
to order for food. when she received
her food, she walked to the far-right
and sat down. Just after 5 minutes
of eating, a guy walked up to her and
sat opposite her. she looked up from
her table to see the guy boring holes
on her body, with his eyes.
“hi” the guy greeted.

she didn’t respond immediately. she
observed him for a while before
“hi” she responded.
“I saw you in class today. that means
we are coursemates” the guy said.
“oh! you are an economics student”
Angel said.

“yes” the guy responded.
“you are the second person from my
department I’m meeting today” Angel
“with time, you will get to know
everyone.” the guy said.
“yeah, that’s true” Angel responded.
“by the way, I’m Henry”
“I’m Angel”
“what a beautiful name for a beautiful
lady” Henry said.
“thank you” Angel responded.
“so tell me Angel, how was your first
lecture in school?” Henry asked.
“it was cool. the lecturer is cool also.
I like the way he explained very thing
bit by bit.” Angel responded.
“I’m glad to hear that” Henry said.
“I have to leave now. see you in
class tomorrow” Angel said.
“okay, see you too.” Henry
Angel stood up and left the cafeteria.

Angel went straight to her hostel
immediately she left the cafeteria.
she got to her hostel and tried to
open her door, but it didn’t open. the
door was locked from inside. that
means her roommate was inside the
room. she knocked softly on the
door and waited for response. few
seconds later, the door opened to
reveal Jessica at the door.
“Jessica!” Angel called, surprised.
“Angel! what are you doing here?”
Jessica asked.

“is this your room?” Angel asked
“yes, this is my room” Jessica
“that means we are roommates”
Angel said.
“wow! is this your room also?”
Jessica asked.
“yes” Angel responded.
“wow! this is great. we are
coursemates and also roommates.
That means we are destined to be
best of friends.” Jessica said.
“you can say that again” Angel
“please come in let’s get to know
each other better” Jessica said.
“yes babe” Angel responded.
They both entered their room and
locked the door.

Jewel alighted from a cab in front of
the university gate. he settled the
cab man and he drove off. it was late
already. The time was 11:15pm. He
was just returning from Jane’s
school. He left Jane school
immediately after that incident.

He didn’t even rest a bit. He boarded the next available bus back to his school. He was very tired. he hasn’t eaten anything since morning, and there was no way he could get something to eat right there in his school, because it was late already.

He dragged his luggages along with him into the school and went straight to his hostel. He got to his hostel and entered his room to find Henry already in the room. Henry was sitting on a chair. He stood up immediately he saw

“you must be my roommate. I have been waiting curiously to meet you. welcome to our room” Henry said and stretched his hand for a handshake. Jewel ignored him and went to sit on his bed. Henry walked to meet him and stood in his front.

“hey! that was not a proper way to
treat your roommate. I just welcomed
you to our room and you completing
ignored me” Henry said.
“will you please leave me alone.
mind you business” Jewel barked.
Henry froze immediately. he didn’t
see that coming. He wasn’t expecting
such response from Jewel. he quietly
went to his bed and sat down without
saying anything else to Jewel.

Jewel hasn’t been himself. he was
still heart broken. what Jane did to
him kept reappearing in his mind. he
sighed and lay on his bed.

Henry still couldn’t believe that Jewel
shouted at him. it was not like they
knew each other before. They were
just meeting for the first time. why
would he shout at him when he only
tried to be nice.

He took a side glance at Jewel’s
direction and found him already

‘is this the kind of guy I will spend
the next four years with. someone
who will always get on my nerve.
someone who is not friendly at all.
how will I cope with this kind of guy
in the same room. This guy will
surely make my stay here tough.’
Henry mumbled.

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